3 steps to become an “disinfection expert”

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a huge demand for “disinfection services”. Considering the cost they charged, are you wondering if there is a way you can do it yourself?

The answer is “Yes”.

What you need is a set of right tools, a plan and spare time.

When you look through the “disinfection/cleaning company”, they will tell you how good their equipments are, and how efficient their disinfectant is. But I can tell you, if you spend some time. You can obtain all of them without much difficulty.

1, the most important tool to “kill”  the germs and virus is the disinfectant. You won’t find a clue what disinfectant the “disinfection company” is using, because that is part of the secret source, in general, most “disinfection company” have their own disinfectant, you never know what it is.
But I find a List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19) provided by EPA(the United States Environmental Protection Agency). From the list, you can find some clues about what disinfectant you can choose for your own disinfection purpose.
I do some research and find 4 main active ingredients among these 428 disinfectants.  they are
  • Quaternary ammonium  215 of 428 disinfectant has these ingredients
  • Sodium hypochlorite 67 of 428 disinfectant has these ingredients
  • Hydrogen peroxide    72 of 428 disinfectant has these ingredients
  • Peroxyacetic acid     25 of 428 disinfectant has these ingredients
The reasons why more than 50% disinfectants has these active ingredients are:
  • a wide range of compatibility with materials
  • operation at regular temperatures(18 to 30 degree)
  • low/no residuals
  • safe to use for operators
  • short processing times
So before buying the right disinfectant for your disinfection job, you can read the label and check if it has one of these active ingredients.
2, the “Gun”, a spraying or nebulizing machine(fogger), which can make your life much easier.
In the market, there are 3 types of spraying machines(fogger) you can choose from.
  1. Regular spraying bottle, it can be as simple as a plastic bottle with a spraying nozzle.
  2. Electric Spraying machine, most know as ULV sprayer.
  3. Electrostatic Nebulizing machine, most advanced equipment in disinfection industrial.
3, PPE(personal protection equipment), even most disinfectant is no harmful for users, but it is better to wear PPE when taking long time disinfection activities.
Last but not least, a checklist will keep you remember which places are high touches area and when you start the disinfection job, and how long you should do it again.
That’s it. Hopefully, these tips can help you find a proper way to keep your place safe for other people.
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