You can find almost any product in Alibaba, also there is a lot of supplier selling the disinfection chamber. but most of them are very expensive. Plus the freight to your place, the overall amount is over US$6000.

Is there a way to make a disinfection chamber less than US$1000?  Let’s dive in and find out.

The housing costs up to 70% of money. As we know, the main purpose of the housing is to keep the fog stay in the house as long as they could, then people can get disinfection thoroughly. So we definitely can change the housing to a cheaper one. Here are 3 types of housing you can choose.

Disinfection Machine

The main pupose of disinfection machine is atomize the liquid to fog. So there are many different machines can acheive the similar result.

Let’s sum up the total cost for all these disinfection chamber.