ULV Fogger Buying Guide

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have a huge demand for ULV fogger/Sprayer for disinfection. In this post, I am going to share with you the tips on purchasing these foggers.

Tips for consumer

If you are going to buy some ULV foggers and do disinfection by yourself. Then you got lots of choice. Here are 4 tips when you buy from Aliexpress/Alibaba.

  • If you need it urgently, please check with the seller what courier they are using. During the pandemic time, the most reliable courier is DHL, but there are different DHL routes, eg. DHL mainland China(most expensive, fastest), DHL Hongkong(less expensive, 2 or 3 days slower), DHL Malaysia( similar to H.K. DHL). But if you located in Australia, I recommend you using TNT, and has a very good rate from China to Australia.
  • If the gross weight of your order is larger than 21kgs, the DHL rate will be as low as to US$9 per kg. Please remember to ask the seller to compare different couriers for you and pick the most favorable one for you.
  • Also, because the fogger you order is not for resell, you might consider asking the seller to put all of them into a smaller carton, which can save you a good amount of freight.
  • If you are located in Europe, you can try shipping by truck, the rate is US$5.5 per kg for weight larger than 100kg. It takes about 25-30 days to arrive at your place, the best thing is they can do DDP, which means you no need to do anything, they will use UPS to delivery the order to your office. but they only can deliver it to the office address, can not deliver to the home address.

Tips for Reseller

If you plan to resell the ULV fogger, here are some suggestion can help you sell it more. First, you need to check if your local market already flooded with Chinese made UVL fogger.
If no, then congratulation, you can be the 1st one import these popular products to make good money.
If yes, no worry, take this suggestion then you can set apart from your competitors.
  • 1.Change the color of the product, almost 90% of the ULV fogger people selling now is blue. A different color can stand out from others easily.

  • 2.90% of the ULV fogger are packed with brown carton, upgrades it with a retail color box or white box with a color label, which will make it looks more premium.

  • 3.Twin pack or 4 pack, a. the cubic weight is 30% less if pack 2 units or 4 units into one carton. b. encourage bulk buyer order more, for example, school, hospital, nursing home, etc. Normally they have a bigger place that needs disinfection.

  • 4. People love accessories, here are 4 accessories you can sell it with fogger, which only cost a few cents, but will make life easier.

  • 5. Branding, for those companies who offering disinfection services, they need people to remember their logo and telephone number, here is one option you can put their name on it.  The storage box.

I believe the more we do before purchasing, the more it would be easy when selling. Thank you for your reading, we are Cantonfairsorucing team, love to help you get a good deal from China. Any questions, feel free to drop us an email. agent@cantonfairsourcing.com